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Distributed in: Sweden and Finland, agent support in Norway

Zen Products will be innovative and a leader in developing technology for use in sports massage and recovery for athletes, as well as develop products that are socially useful.

The company’s idea is to develop a massage product aimed at elite athletes and recreational athletes, for regeneration and prevention of injuries. The aim is to offer the most effective massage machine for anyone involved in sports / exercise, at a reasonable price and with good durability.

The product will satisfy the need for regular massage. It should have an aesthetic design, and a function and volume that is not disruptive. It can be used in private homes – in the living room or bedroom.

There are few suppliers of such equipment to this audience. Most suppliers of such products delivers professional , medical environments , physiotherapists , doctors, chiropractors etc. It’s expensive products , which eliminates the ability to sell directly to the individual performer.

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