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Distributed in: Norway

Being on the move and discovering the world is a dream we share with many.
Between work and leisure time, a large part of our day-to-day lives is spent indoors. Experiencing nature has become a fundamental need. Feeling nature’s elements and experiencing how we think and act differently after spending time outdoors – there are many reasons why the number of outdoor enthusiasts has been increasing over the years. At TATONKA we have summarised this need into two words: “Expedition Life”.

Being close to nature generally means treating it with respect, as well as taking on ecological and economical responsibilities. This not only applies to outdoor enthusiasts, but also holds true for manufacturers and producers. At TATONKA, we are committed to this responsibility and follow it from the very first product design step all the way through to the final manufacturing of a TATONKA product. All products are made at our own certified production facilities. Only then do we have a 100 % influence on the design and structure of the manufacturing processes, as well as on ensuring a socially responsible working environment.

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