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About us - Getvital Sports AS

Getvital Sports AS was founded in 2009 with the mission to prove that the natural way of working out is healthier. Having worked with Vibram Fivefingers previously, the owners brought the innovative brand to the Norwegian market again. The increased interest for natural running and wearing minimalist shoes, soon propelled Vibram Fivefingers to become the market leader in its category.

Injinji toe Socks immediately became the next step in the search for brands fitting with the mission. Today Injinji is known as the original technical toe sock producer in Scandinavia.

During the last years the portfolio has expanded with brands such as Headsweats and Altra Zero drop, with the distribution territory now spanning from Iceland in the West to Finland in the East. Altra Zero Drop being the fast growing running shoe brand in the US, makes it the most exciting newcomer at GetVital Sports.


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